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Miter Saw Set Up for The Right Cut

In ancient times people used hand saws for woodworking which led to fatigue and energy loss. Due to modern technology, miter saws have come into existence for the best cut. Which has the responsibility of the excellent cut in a short time, Just you should set it up properly.

A miter saw performs different cutting activities which may be effective depending on the setting, so you need to get some guidance to make the best setting.

In this article, we will explain how to set up your miter saw for the right cut. 

Miter saw set up for the right cut

Check the Power of Your Miter Saw

miter saw power

The power is an initial and compulsory factor of a miter saw which dedicates to optimal performance in a saw.

Important Points

  • Must check the power of your miter saw while purchasing, you will not get any problems.
  • keep in mind the nature of your work that you will select a miter saw according.
  •  If you have a corded saw, so after starting work, check the miter saw cord attentively and in a cordless model, check the battery power plugs and tighten them firmly. So, the speed of 100% be shifted to the unit.
  • Some miter saws have been added speed changer lever which you can use for multiple materials, so should use the speed on the base of materials.

Adjustment of Blade

The blade is an essential component of a miter saw, if there is a slight fault so it will not cut the materials properly.

So follow the instruction below to adjust your blade correctly.

  • Check all the teeth thoroughly if there appears any fault so try to fix the issue and consider the sharpness of the teeth. Also, check all teeth in order if there is even one broken in it so don’t use the blade.
  • Check the crookedness of the blade and keep the blade at a level. If the blade is crooked, it will adopt edging at a cut time and go the wrong way.
  • Firmly tighten all patches so that they will not be wobbling, otherwise, it will cause damaging the wood.

Fence Adjustment

usually the fence supports the materials to adjust accurate cuts with alignments

and manages measurement at the point, where you want to cut.

There are a few points to consider about it, such that you will be able to adjust correctly your miter saw fence.

Important points

  • Losen all the bolts carefully.
  • Move the fence to the point in the area of the cuts.
  • And tighten all the bolts in such a way that they do not loosen with the slightest movement.

Miter Saw Bench or Place Management

This is another reason that often the cuts go on the wrong way due to the small place or short bench.

Important Points

  • The miter saw should be at least three feet above the ground.
  • According to the saw, the bench should be around 2 feet vast.
  • Except for the bench, you should have enough area so that even if an item is out of the bench, then also you could easily cut it.

Final Words

If you want an errorless, clear, alignment, and completely accurate cutting, so should follow the above key points. Don’t leave any fault in your miter saw.

When you have done all settings properly then you will be able to start working, but the first thing to do that you have to check the saw with a scrap piece and make up to 10 cuts for checking.

When you are completely satisfied, then you can do your professional work.


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