How To Sharpen Hand Saw /Beginners Guide

How to Sharpen Hand Saw

A hand saw sharpening is a technical work that can’t be done in a short duration, you will try to sharpen it with full focus and relaxation.

Because some of the teeth in it have to be bent for a good cut, if you keep one tooth straight the second will be bent, sharpen all the teeth in that order. So that a trick is created between all the teeth.

Hand Saw Sharpening Method Step by Step

Sharpening Tools For Hand Saw

Let you know, that you should be taken some tools to sharpen a hand saw perfectly because there are many processes to sharpen the saw and each one has required a different tool.

In order, when you collect all the tools, you will be able to sharpen them easily and can make your old saw similar to a new one. There are three basic tools utilized for sharpening a hand saw such as a vise, a sharpening file, and hand saw sets.

Hold The Saw With Vise

A Vise is used for holding the tools firmly, usually, it can utilize for sharpening tools such as a hand saw. A vise has two fences which can be nearer by spinning the lever for holding application.

This is the first step, to holding the saw plate steady with a vise, better to keep it on a level and don’t let it move so that the work will be satisfactory.

Hand Saw Sets for bending Teeth

The hand saw set is a clamping tool that bends easily each tooth and prepares for a smooth cut, so that the hand saw doesn’t hang up while cutting wood.

Hand Saw Sharpening File

The triangular sharpening file is used to sharpen the hand saw teeth, which are made up of three angles and each angle is equal to 60 degrees, Even the space between the teeth is also 60 degrees but some are mini hand saws haven’t too much space between teeth.

Anyway, you should check first the teeth’ height and spacing,  if there is a difference in the teeth so try to adjust it first. After that, you will consider a suitable sharpening file, you can find different sizes in the sharpening file.

Now finally we will start the exact process to sharpen the saw with triangular files.

You should keep the hand saw at some height and hold them firmly with the vise so that when you press it, it will not vibrate and didn’t touch the ground.

In order, Rub each tooth with a triangular file one by one on both sides and adjust the maintenance. Remember that don’t force over the triangular file, otherwise, the teeth would be damaged.

In case, the saw has a rusted blade so you should remove the rust clearly because the rust makes iron soft and teeth can break during sharpening.


Following the above methods and guidelines may help you to sharpen a hand saw as a new one. But, make sure the mentioned tools are available to sharpen it properly.

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