How To Cut Angles With a Miter Saw-Step by Step Guide

How To Cut Angles With a Miter Saw

Woodworking is a technical craft that requires proper skill with complete tools. When you meet all the criteria, you can improve your woodworking because working with wood is an art. If you want to make your woodworking more excellent, it is crucial to have a miter saw, and you should be a master of it. A miter saw is a versatile tool that can make various angles quickly and easily.

In this post, we will provide a complete guide about using a miter saw and making different angles. These valuable tips will help you become an expert on angle cuts, and we’ll let you through the process of using a miter saw for angled cuts.

How to make angle with miter saw easily

Steps for Using a Miter Saw

  • Before starting cuts, keep your work area safe and clean, then firmly clamp the wood to the miter saw table.
  • Remember to keep your hands far away from the blade and wear gloves for safety if possible.
  • Adjust the miter saw blade to the desired angle and find the marked angle on the wood to set it accordingly.
  • Then, turn on the switch and wait for the blade to reach its full speed after you can start your cutting process.
  •  It is essential to place the wood aligned on the table for precise angle cut and press the wood firmly with one hand against both sides of the blade guard. Also, push the wood forward with your second hand until the angle is complete.
  • After completing your work, please turn off your saw and unplug it until you are ready for another cut.
  • When you have done all cuts and finished the work, removing clamps from the board is essential.

How to Make a 45-Degree Angles

Making a 45-degree angle with a miter saw requires following some critical factors that will make your cut efficient and precise. First, keep your miter saw on a stable surface that will not move anywhere during work. Then, adjust the saw for the desired angle and firmly secure the workpiece using the clamp. It is crucial to use all safety pieces of equipment and follow proper safety precautions to prevent any accident. The following are some tips that can increase the productivity of angles.

  •  Properly adjust your miter saw setting before cutting, and ensure the blade is correctly placed for the required angles. According to the 45-degree angle, adjust the table and fence angles to the recommended positions. After setting the angle, tighten the table and fence with bolts for a precise and reliable cut.
  • Measure the angle length accurately and mark the cutline on the material by using a pencil. The measurement and marking ensure the precision and accuracy of the angles.
  • Set the saw blade at a 45-degree and adjust its distance from its starting position. After that, use two levers on the miter saw to set the blade’s angle properly. One lever for how far back the edge goes, while the other adjusts its height for angled cuts.
  • It is important to take a moment to check everything before starting your miter saw power. Ensure that the blade and table are entirely safe and set to the desired angle. Also, ensure all the nuts and bolts are tightly secured.
  • During cutting, keep your hands and body far from the blade, and make sure no one else is near the saw. Then, slowly tilt the blade until it reaches the cutline and avoid rushing or applying excessive force cut time.

How To Cut 90-Degrees Angles

With a miter saw, you can easily make a 90-degree angle, but it needs proper setting. You should follow these steps for precise angle cuts.

  • When you are ready to start working, align the fence and miter gauge with the table. Then, loosen the tilt lock lever and adjust the blade to a 90-degree angle.
  • Use a ruler with a straight edge and perfectly straight up the blade to the cutting area. Next, tighten the lock lever and attentively check the measurements before applying cuts.
  • Hold securely the wood against the fence and gauge by using clamps to prevent movement during cutting.
  • Now your saw is ready to cut 90-degree angles, safely turn on your saw and push it slowly forward until you complete the angle.

How To Make Common Angles

Making common angles with a miter saw is a challenging art. It is crucial to understand it properly; otherwise, you can lose your materials due to the slightest mistake. But don’t worry about it; we will guide you in a sequence that you will cut common angles easily.

  • Ensure the materials are aligned with a miter saw fence and touching both sides. Also, keep the fence flush with the materials for maintenance accuracy while cutting angles.
  • Turn the handle to the saw side when you change the blade’s position.
  • After finding the right angle, you should secure the adjustment knob or lever and verify the angle using a protractor or other measuring tool.
  • Once you set the angle, place the blade guard directly above the blade and switch on the motor..
  • Please place a barrier between the fence that doesn’t move or vibrate to keep your fingers and hands safe.


How to ‏measure and mark your cut?

The measurements are a fundamental factor in making angles with a miter saw. You should use a square or protractor for measurements and mark the angle with a pencil you want to cut. This combination ensures the precise cut and makes the cutline easily visible. After this process, use a ruler to check that all sides are the same length, which helps the cut equality.

Can I use my circular saw instead?

A miter saw is an excellent option if you want to make angles easily with accuracy. While you can use a circular saw for angles, it may not help to make angles ideally because a miter saw is designed explicitly for angle cuts. A miter saw can cut different angles quickly with precision, and it is a more straightforward way to make angles.

What’s the best to ensure accuracy when cutting?

It is important to check measurements twice before cutting materials for a more successful cut. Ensure the cutting material is securely held so as not to move while working. Also, ensure the blade is perfectly aligned to the cutline and turn on your saw.


It is essential to learn perfectly angles cutting for woodworking enthusiasts. Following the above steps, you can easily make different angles, such as 45-degree, 90-degree, or common angle. Set up your miter saw correctly for the desired angle and follow all safety precautions.

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