Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some FAQ’s about miter saw for helping you

What is a miter saw?

A miter saw is a wood-working tool that is utilized for cutting purposes and making wooden things such as cross-cut, angles cut, picture framing, furniture making, etc.

How to use a miter saw safely?

While using must follow these step

  • Keep eyes protected, must wear glasses
  • Don’t wear vast clothes, it will be caused to hang with the blade
  • Keep little distance from the machine
  • Wear gloves and keep in mind that where your hand
  • Take a dust mask for nose protection

How to change the miter saw blade?

You can easily change the blade of a miter saw with the following steps.

  • Switched offed your saw and stopped the spinning of the blade
  • push the spindle lock and loosen the key
  • remove the blade and install the new blade
  • then push the spindle lock and tight the key

What important features in a miter saw should have?

The miter saw is famous because of a few key capabilities

  • A miter saw should have a powerful motor
  • Blade size is an important part of a saw.
  • Laser guide-line let you to sure cut it is also a valuable feature
  • positive stops are especially important for different types of angles

What difference between a table saw and a miter saw?

Table Saw: A table saw can cut long materials as well as slice but it can’t make angles cut. even it makes miter cut but the blade does not move to left or right.

Miter Saw:  The miter saws include a circular blade they make a bevel cut, compound cut, angle cut, cross-cut, crown molding and it is a great tool for furniture making and framing.

Can we cut metal with a miter saw?

Overall miter saw can’t cut metal because some of them have plastic guard assemblies. While cutting metal it will be burn due to the spark and make them damage.

Some miter saws have the ability to cut metal but you have to change the blade because the wood-cutting blade can’t be used for metal.

Can we put a miter saw on the floor?

yes, we can put a miter saw on the floor, but it may very difficult for long & large materials because there are required enough space and support to the board.

If you can arrange a stand or table instead of the floor, so it will be better, because the table provides support to materials and you can easily make a variety of cuts.


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