Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

What difference between a chop saw and a miter saw?

A miter saw, basically are smaller than a chop saw in terms of blade size, its blade range from 7-1/4 to 12 inches. The miter saw blade move to left and right and makes a bevel cut, cross-cut, as well as compound cuts. Some miter saw comes with a single bevel that bevel only to one side and dual bevel saws are moving to both sides.

A chop saw comes with an abrasive disc without teeth and its blade size minimum up to 14 inches. It can’t swing to left and right and cuts 90 degrees only. The chop saws are mostly used for metal cutting.

What is a measurement scale of a miter saw?

The scale of a miter saw determines the measurement of angle cuts and making any degrees of miter cuts. It will move with the saw when you move it and an indicator built shows the degrees points to which degree you are at.

Some scales come with stops for quick adjustment of angles.

What is a miter saw fence?

The fence of a miter saw is made of aluminum mounted solid flat. It is a very important part of the saw because the fence supports the materials and keeps materials in balance.

With the help of the fence feature, you can cut precise angles as well as cross-cut.


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