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Types of Chainsaws

There are so many different types of chainsaws available on the market today that purchasing a chainsaw can be a daunting task for those who have no prior experience using the chain. Here are some types of chains available.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw

  • Gas chainsaws are the most widely used and popular choice among professional chainsaw users.
  • Gasoline chainsaws generally have 2-stroke or 2-stroke engines that run on a mixture of oil and gas. The machine uses gas for combustion, while the interior is lubricated with oil. The oil also prevents excessive wear and damage to parts.
  • Gasoline chainsaws are very powerful and can cut wood faster and more efficiently than other chainsaws.
  • They are heavier than other types, make a lot of noise, and can cause a lot of vibration when used.
  • Gas chainsaws require regular maintenance and refueling compared to other models.
  • Gasoline chainsaws are more expensive than electric ones.

Corded Electric Chainsaw

  • Corded electric chainsaws are small types of chains that have an electrical cord that is usually connected to a power source and used to power it.
  • Corded electric chainsaws are dynamic and cannot be moved too far from the power source unless they are connected to a portable generator with a long extension cord. The carded electric chainsaw cannot be used for deforestation, without the owners making enough effort to carry the electricity.
  • These chains are underpowered and therefore can be used for small tasks. You can use corded power chains to cut and trim small trees, thick limbs, or shrubs.
  • Electric chainsaws don’t make a lot of noise and they don’t exhaust fumes.
  • They are lightweight and easy to handle, making them a great tool for beginners or inexperienced users.
  • One of the main advantages of electric wire chains is that they are significantly cheaper than gasoline and battery chainsaw.

Battery-Powered Chainsaw

  • They are also known as wireless chainsaws and they use rechargeable batteries for their operation instead of fuel or electric current.
  • Battery-powered chainsaws don’t require regular refueling and maintenance like gasoline-powered models; however, the batteries must be charged regularly to keep the chain running.
  • Sometimes this can be limited because recharging requires a pause. However, this problem can be avoided if you have more than one battery that can be used without interruption. One allows you to keep the battery in the charger while the other reduces the workload with you.
  • Cordless chainsaws are less powerful than wired chains and ideal for light-cutting tasks that do not require a lot of time.
  • Cordless chainsaws are commonly used for light-cutting activities like trimming, trimming, cutting, and plumbing small trees around the house.
  • Although wireless chainsaws are less powerful than gas and wireless electric chains, they are the most expensive models on the market due to their convenience.

Manual Or Hand-Saw

  • Manual chainsaws do not require electricity or fuel to operate. Basically, you use it for the purpose of cutting off your arm.
  • Hand chainsaws are used in households to cut wood or chop wood.
  • The hand chainsaw is very quiet and does not make noise or smoke. However, using these hand chains requires a bit of human effort and can be exhausting.
  • A Manual or hand-saw has significantly less horsepower compared to a motorized chainsaw.
  • The main feature is that they are very portable and can be transported very easily.
  • Hand chainsaws are fairly inexpensive because very few parts are needed, such as saw chains, nylon mesh, a hacksaw, some waxed nylon or linen thread, needles, and matches.

Pole Saw

  • A pole saw is a small saw attached to a long extension pole that is used to help you cut or cut small tree limbs to heights you cannot easily reach.
  • A pole saw does not really fall into the category of a chain, but to some extent, it is related to a chain.
  • Sometimes the poles can be turned into regular strings and they can also be powered by gas, electricity, or battery.
  • Gasoline pole saw are more powerful than electric chains and are used to lift trees and thick branches. In contrast, electric poles have less power and are used for calving and cutting. Corded power poles are more powerful than battery-powered ones.
  • Battery-powered pole saws are more expensive, followed by gasoline and electric wire pole saws.


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