Bosch Miter Saw vs Dewalt – Which One Is Best for Woodworking

Bosch miter saw vs Dewalt are two different brands in the tools industry and both have extreme power and capacity. If you intend to buy one of these two brands but have confusion about which one is best, which one is worth it, which one is best in performance, or about other features. So, don’t worry because we will forward all information and explain step-by-step the differences between Dewalt and Bosch miter saw with a comparison table.

bosch vs dewalt coparison

Note: If you pick up one of them without any information, it will not cause trouble because both are utilized for the same purpose and the capacity is somewhat similar.

Bosch Miter Saw vs Dewalt

Comparison Table

Features Dewalt Bosch Similarity
Motor 15-AMP 15-AMP Same
Speed 3,800-RPM 400-RPM Different
Blade 12-Inches 12-Inches Same
Bevel Dual Dual Same
Compound Yes Yes Same
Weight 48 Pounds 3.2 Ounces Different
Power Electric Electric Same
Bevel Degree 48-left 22.5, 33.9, 45 Right 33.9, 45 left/right Different
Dust-bag Available Available Same
Capacity against the fence vertically 6-1/2-inch 6-1/2-inch Same
Capacity against the fence crown 6-5/8-inch 6 1/2 inch Different
Height 19.88-inches 27.0-inches Different
Length 27.17-inches 32.375-inches Different
Bevel stops 0°, 33.9°, 45°, 48° (L/R) 0°, 33.9°, 45°, 47° (L/R) Different
Capacity cuts at 45° (dimensional) 2 x 8-inches 2×10-inches Different
Lock system Available Available Same

Dewalt Miter Saw DWS716 Features Rating Ratio by Customer


Bosch Miter Saw GCM12 SD Features Rating Ratio by Customer


Bosch GCM12 SD Vs Dewalt DWS715 Comparison Review

Let’s go to explain the features of Bosch GCM12 SD vs Dewal DWS716 step by step in order. May this review increase your mental clarity and will clear your confusion, that which one can be worth your job.


Bsoch: This model is prepared with a 15-Amp motor which is suitable for up to 4000 Rpm speed

Dewalt: It has attached a 15-Amp motor and speed reaches up to 3,800 Rpm


Bosch: A 12-inches sharp blade, that makes smooth cuts with accuracy

Dewalt: It’s also included a 12-inches blade, that is ideal for great sliding

Cutting Capacity

Bosch: Has a great cutting capacity for cutting 14 inches horizontally, 6-1/2 inches vertical capacity, and 6-1/2 inches crown molding capacity against the fence.

Dewalt: It’s can cut up to  6-5/8-inch crown molding and up to 6-1/2-inch base molding vertically against the fence.

Bevel Range

Bosch: Designed with dual-bevel and can cut up 0, 33.9 degrees, and 45 degrees left/right

Dewalt: Bevel cuts both directions at 0, to 48 degrees to the left and 0, 22.5, 33.9, and 45 degrees to the right


Bosch: Lightweight design, the overall weight consists of up to 3.2 ounces

Dewalt: Suitable for transport, this model comes with up to 48 pounds of weight

Note: The electric plugs system of these tools are designed specifically for the US country. If you live in another country and your electric voltage is different from the US, so you should need an adapter for it.

Bosch Miter Saw GCM12 SD Review

bosch miter saw gcm 12 sd Review

Amazon Price

The sliding system provides a smooth wider cross-cut with alignments and saves work space.

Great expandable cutting capacity offers more accurate horizontal, vertical, and crown cuts.

This model has an excellent adjustable system that provides quick adjustment of the bevel, miter scale with detents, and pitch roof angles.

A square lock feature provides enhance convenience which releases quickly and locks the fence at 90 degrees without any adjustment.

The bevel lock lever and range selector are attached with upfront the saw for a fast and easy bevel setting.

The saw can collect 90 % of dust with a vacuum.

Included Tools

  • Bosch GCM12SD 12 In. Dual-Bevel Glide Miter
  • 12-Inches 60 Teeth Carbide Tipped lade
  •  Wrench
  • Toolless Vertical Work Clamp
  •  Dust Bag/Assembly
  • Vacuum Adapter Elbow

Dewalt Miter Saw DWS716 Review

Dewalt DWS716 miter saw review

Amazon Price

The most compact design, the Dewalt miter saw DWS716 is a highly recommended tool for its accuracy.

Miter detent plate made up of stainless steel with 14 positive stops improved work quality for different size materials.

A tall sliding fence provides excellent support to lumber and helps in crown molding and base molding cuts against the fence vertically.

The bevel works in both directions left/right with some stops at different degrees and delivers errorless cross-cut.

The corded electric motor produces a powerful speed and the blade overrides smoothly through the hardwoods.

Included Tools

  • Dws716 Compound Miter Saw
  • Carbide Tipped Blade
  • Wrench
  • Dust-bag
  • Vertical Clamp

Final Verdict

By now you have observed well, that which tool is right for your profession because we have clarified even the slightest differences between the Bosch miter saw and Dewalt.

by the way, if you examine both, there is no significant difference between them, both models are most durable, versatile, and suitable for transport.

Also, the Bosch and Dewalt miter saw are sufficient for construction, carpentry shop as well as home use.

Anyway, now you will make your choice that which one is best for your job, which one can handle your work, this is your decision.

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